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About Us

We take great pride in our superior materials. Our clients tell exactly how easy vinyl body wraps are to use.

What Others Are Saying...

Just going to get gas, or any time i stop the bike is a toll now. I have to take an extra ten minutes to explain why i did it, how i did it, and where i got the stuff to do it with. It's such an eye catcher. i love it. it looks great!
Sean Sjogren
You got one happy customer here and my neighbor is planning on making an order, It has become very popular in my community where we have roughly 250 privately owned carts. I hope to promote the wrap and get you some more business from Down here in Texas.
Joe Ashton
After waiting a couple of weeks because I was nervous about applying the graphics, it was quite easy to apply. In fact, I enjoyed it.

I was very nervous about putting them on so I put it off. After reading the directions several times, I decided to go ahead. I knew how to apply them, I just needed to do it.

I have to say, they were so very easy to apply. I was actually quite proud of myself and ready to do more. We did order some more stars to add to the front side and I put them on as soon as they came.

We chose the actual graphics we wanted but because our cart was green we weren't sure about the colors. When my husband called to place the order, he inquired into the color. The gentleman taking the order suggested gold and silver. After placing the order, the graphics came within a few days. They are beautiful and more importantly, they are beautiful on the cart.

We are very pleased with your company and your product and will use you again in the future.
Gloria D. Staples
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding support provided to our 2008 Dominique Cyr Ski Benefit Golf Tournament by Sharper Images Graphics.

Specifically, the One Piece Decals along with the Diamond Plate Flames, which you so graciously provided as tournament prizes; thay were an enormous success.

The quality of your work is matched by your generosity and it is certainly appreciated by all who are involved with our find raising tournament. It is both motivating and inspiring to know people like you and I look forward to the opportunity to reciprocate in the future. I wish you and your staff continued and long-term success.
Dean Duplessi
Thanks Again Pete. I will Look forward to doing business with you again in the future! GolfCarGraphics is the "GO to PLACE" for ALL my Graphic Design Needs!
Rob Witt
I'd like to thank golfcargraphics for your Service and Assistance in selecting the right graphics for my Buggy! Your Graphics are of Excellent Quality as is your Service and Advise! Your Graphics have added "Character to my Cart" which has enhanced its appearance which I really like, as do others!!
Rob Witt
The wrap makes a bold statement with very little investment. Thanks again for all your help we'll be making a new order soon for the next and more involved project.
Kevin Sowder Jr.
Love the product, thanks a lot! Application was easy. What I guess I appreciate most is the versatility that the wraps offer. For a price far cheaper than new plastics, I can give the bike a new look each year. Can't wait to pick a new color scheme in the fall.
Matthew Raffaele
Got my order last night and loved the product. Decals applies easily to my golf cart and the colors really POP! Thank you for making it easy to brighten my cart. Putts will start dropping and scores will be lower as a result!
Chris Wenzler
Pete thanks for the help ... The materials is great and the golf cart turn out better than I thought it would .... ( Because I was doing it .) I will recommend this to everyone it is easy once you get the hang it ..... ...... Thanks again ...
Jerry Gray
The service was great, I was surprised at how big the sheet was once I opened the package. The quality of the graphic and material is excellent. The quality of the installers was marginal at best!
Jay Nichols
I again what to thank you for putting a good product out there so many people advertise stuff any more that does not work like they say but this is not true about your product.The wrap was amazing to work with and made a kick ass finished bike. Thanks again and will send you those photos as soon as possible.
Greg Hogland

The service was great! It took about 5 business days to receive the wrap, and I waited another week to attempt the project.

I could tell upon opening the package that this was a great quality product. The wrap was sturdy and thick. I was very intimidated to attempt the wrap, but i spent a day doing prepwork. The first step was to remove everything and clean the cart using simple green. I removed the roof and painted it black with 3 cans of krylon fusion. I removed all of the seats, decals, etc. Before applying the wrap, the cart was wiped with denatured alcohol. I first applied the strip under the seat, as this did good to start a base.This was the easiest piece to install. Next was the sides. My wife and I applied the wrap and it was a big project.

I felt comfortable that I had the number to call for install help, though i didnt use it. I used the hair dryer the seal everything - it seemed to adhere better, but tended to wrinkle or bubble up when i used it before applying. You cant be scared to really pull or stretch the wrap. It did take a few hours of work, and you must be patient with the material.

Overall it robably took about 5 hours start to finish, and do not try to do this wrap alone. The wrap came with a squeegee and we also purchased another. We were very satisfied with the finished product. It was some work, but are very satisfied with the results. Everyone rubbernecks when they see us cruising our golf car around the neighborhood, and asks us where we got it painted. Most people have no idea that it is a wrap.

Pat Paget

Your service was top notch.

The quality of your products are very good, they come with easy to follow instructions.

I highly recommend the use of your products. I will defiantly be a returning customer.

Michael Schilz

Service was great. Your service was great as you provided friendly and technical help regarding all my many questions about the colors and sizes of the different flame graphic packages. The person seemed to take a vested interest in my project and desired outcome.

The vinyl flame quality was impressive. I used other vinyl decals from elsewhere that we not as think as yours. It was very noticeable in how much easier it was for me to apply the vinyl and avoid air bubbles underneath compared to other vinyl experiences I've had. I would recommend using you to all my friends.

Craig Dennis

Thanks for the very speedy delivery and great web site. I watched the video and had no problems with installation. Attached are a couple of before and after photos.

Thanks Again!

Wes Thompson
I found Golf Car Graphics on the Internet as I was looking for some way to make my golf cart unique. I had some questions before ordering to make sure I received what I expected. These questions were answered by email quickly and they checked back to make sure I got the information I needed. The decals arrived quickly and packaging was exceptional. Following the instructions, the application was very easy and the product exceeded my expectations. The decals actually look like they are painted on. I recommend Golf Car Graphics wholeheartedly.
Michael Webb
I am really happy with your product. It looks great - really sets off the golf cart. My most pleasant surprise was how easy the decals are to apply. I was a little concerned about how they would look, but they went on easily, smooth with no bubbles. I will definitely recommend your product to my friends.
Thanks for your fast service and help with the graphics. They were as easy to apply as your instructions said. Mark me down as a " satisfied customer"!
J Strother
Pete was great to work with! I think the car looks great. It has got great reviews from people that cant help but notice it. In fact a gentleman came in the other day to tell me he saw it and how great it looked even though he was not a customer ... (yet). Even when it is parked out front people comment on it. It is already paying for itself. Can not wait for our next project!
Mike Burhenn

The wrap turned out great. I got a lot of great comments on the "paint job". Most people had no clue that it was a wrap until I told them what it was. I will also send you a picture of what we started with. Several people could not believe that it was the same cart.

It's time to find another cart and start on the next project. I may try to do a couple of these each year and flip them to get some extra cash to offset the cost of the sporting clay tournaments. Sporting clays is an expensive obsession.

Chris Higgens


Video tutorials for wrapping vinyl decals. FAQ's, & articles on advantages and techniques of vinyl over paint!

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Custom Design Builder for VInyl Golf Graphics

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