Understanding Material Types

You'll notice that the prices differ based on the type of material chosen. Below is an explanation of the different attributes of Opaque, Metallic and Ultra-Metallic finishes.

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Opaque Vinyl Color Dark Yellow

Glossy color material that has no "Speckel" effect in it. Great for 2 color or single color graphics.


Metallic Vinyl Material for Golf Carts

Glossy color material that has light speckels in it. The decals will have a subtle sparkel when light hits it. A classy look but not over the top. Mix two metallic colors for a real custom look.


Ultra Metallic Vinyl Graphic Swatch

Glossy color material the has a "high" Speckel effect when light hits it. A very flashey attention getter, this film is best described: High metal flake content, Sparkels like a Bass Boat. For the ultimate attention getter for Ultra Metallic & get noticed.
(Limited color availability.. see vinyl color chart)


Glossy multiple colored High Definition effects with a wide variety of color varieations. Ex: fading colors, Diamond Plate, Chorme, Barbedwire, Camo, Animal hides & more.. Many have a 3D look for a truly custom looking car. This is the ultimate in golf car graphics technology. Far better than air-brush without the high cost.